Yoga Tune Up®

Lisa has her certification for Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up®. Yoga Tune Up® helps strengthen and lengthen misaligned bodies, creating a healthier balance within the body.  This prevents injuries due to weak “blind spots” or muscles that are not functioning to their fullest potential.

Yoga Tune Up® also has Therapy balls which help empower people to heal themselves by rolling out the knots, fascia and scar tissue in the body. Check out Jill's website here.  To view some of Jill’s free online videos on how to use your Yoga Tune Up® balls click here.

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Booking for yoga classes are done through Acuity.  Here you can sign up for classes, register an account and keep track of your appointments!

Classes are held on Wednesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm; Fridays 10:30am - 11:30am.

Location: Online via Zoom

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For new accounts registration is a 3-step process:

  1. Purchase 1 class ($15) or 8 classes ($80, savings of $5 dollars per class). Prices do not include HST.
  2. Schedule that class on the pop-up calendar
  3. Complete registration with your new username and password

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Give Back - Facebook Live Yoga class * By Donation

Starting Mondays as of April 13, 2020, I will be offering a Facebook Live Yoga Class on the Healing Hearts at 10am. This class will be by donation with all proceeds going to a local small business affected by financial hardship. Donations and nominations will be accepted via e-transfer at A draw will be held at the beginning of the Facebook live to select where the funds will be donated.


Yoga Tune Up® Testimonials

"I just attended Lisa's workshop with a focus on rotator cuff muscles. I have been dealing with a limitation in one shoulder for the past several months. Now that my inflammation has settled down it was an ideal time for this workshop to help release the stiffness in my soft tissues. I have been going to physio for four months, which has helped, but have been discouraged with residual limitation. The dramatic improvement in my range of motion after a Yoga Tune Up session tells me that the limitations are tight soft tissue and can be overcome. It is great to have another effective tool which I can use at home to help me get back to normal."


"The Yoga Tune Up class with Lisa is something I look forward to each week, as the exercises ‘roll out’ the knots and spasms in my muscles. I have a serious lower back problem, so the roll-outs really help. Plus, Lisa tells me of alternate exercises to do to protect my lower back, since some things can be very painful. You could say ‘she’s got my back’! Lisa’s personality makes the hour pass quickly and enjoyably, and I go home always feeling better. Thanks Lisa, your class is both greatly beneficial and a lot of fun."

Stuart M

"Yoga tune-up with Lisa is amazing! I tore the muscles in my calf a number of years ago, and received treatment from a physiotherapist for 6 months to just be able to walk properly. After doing the exercises for my calf regularly for the past few years, my range of motion for that leg still remained limited which was very frustrating for me, as I had been a practitioner of yoga before my accident and the flexibility I once had just wasn't there anymore.

With just ONE yoga tune-up class with Lisa, my flexibility was almost the same as my other leg! I was absolutely awestruck! She knew exactly how to "roll out" the issues, identifying it by just observing my struggle, and provided extremely knowledgeable advice regarding the rest of my body's state of being.

Lisa's energy is absolutely beautiful, you can really feel it on a spiritual level; this class not only releases the tension in your body, but also touches your soul, guiding your entire being to a sense of peace. Thank you so much!!!"


"Lisa is always attentive, enthusiastic and makes everyone feel like they matter! This class helps me work through strenuous muscles and relax. I love her class!"


"Yoga Tune Up was AWESOME!! My shoulders were beside my ears when I arrived. Now they are in the right place, just TOO good. Thanks!!"


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