What is Healing Hearts?


Healing Hearts was established in 2011 in response to the growing need for support for struggling families.  Healing Hearts offers in-home assessment, counselling, and coaching for families facing significant struggles.  Many families are dealing with unresolved trauma, particularly those with children affected by adoption.  Healing Hearts works towards preventing adoption disruptions.


Healing Hearts empowers families to look at the root cause of difficult relationships and problem behaviour, fostering the bonds between family members while working towards personal growth.


Each family is unique.  Healing Hearts spends quality time within the family's home observing issues and evaluating emotional triggers that create stumbling blocks in relationships.  From these observations, Lisa teaches family members about their individual thought processes and develops strategies to help overcome challenges.

Lisa specializes in helping families end cycles of unhealthy familial patterns, empowering them to move forward with self-awareness and compassion.  She has significant experience working with at-risk youth and children involved in the foster care system.

Lisa utilizes years of counselling experience making each family member feel heard, validated, and giving each one the tools to succeed.

Since the launch of Healing Hearts in London Ontario in 2011, requests for support from both families and community agencies resulted in the expansion of our services throughout Southern Ontario including:

  • London
  • Orangeville
  • Woodstock
  • Hamilton
  • Georgetown
  • and the GTA.

Mission Statement

Healing Hearts is dedicated to the empowerment of families by teaching them to understand the impact of trauma. We strive to help individuals become self-aware, take ownership for their triggers and behaviour, increasing compassion for themselves and others, as they grow physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Vision Statement

Healing Hearts aims for everyone to have a strong support system to lean on, have healthy self esteem, and the ability to create a solid foundation for meaningful relationships.

Presentations and Training

Healing Hearts offers numerous workshops and training to parent groups, professionals and agencies. The team can work with you to create a presentation that targets the audience to learn, engage and take away hands on information. Healing Hearts is also available to child care providers to offer professional insight on potential placement, insights on family dynamics and support to foster permanency.  Please connect with Healing Hearts via our contact page.

Coming Soon

Healing Hearts is in the process of expanding!

Our team is working to create a foundation and parent training program that will continue to support adoptive families across Ontario. We are hoping that these endeavors will continue to grow our mandate of supporting families to be strengthened and empowered.


Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @healingheartsCA for more information on our new programs.