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At Healing Hearts, our mission since 2011 has been to light the path for families navigating the complexities of emotional and psychological challenges. With a compassionate approach tailored to each unique situation.

Healing Hearts is dedicated to the empowerment of people by guiding them through their struggles. Whether dealing with trauma, end of life, family relationship dysfunction, Healing Hearts is there to help people to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Healing Hearts aims for people to grow through a variety of healing methods, with a strong support system, creating healthy self-esteem, and the ability to have a solid foundation for meaningful relationships, creating safety and connection.


Healing starts at home. That’s why our services, from in-home assessments to personalized counseling and coaching, are designed to meet you where you’re at, addressing the root causes of familial struggles to foster growth and understanding.

In-Home Assessments: Observing family dynamics in your environment to provide targeted support.

Counseling & Coaching: Engaging each family member to navigate emotional triggers and develop coping strategies.

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Supporting More Families

As each family is unique, in situations where in home counselling is beneficial.

Healing Hearts spends quality time within the family home observing issues and evaluating emotional triggers that create stumbling blocks in relationships. From these observations, Healing Hearts teaches family members about their individual thought processes and develops strategies to help overcome challenges.

Specializing in helping families end cycles of unhealthy familial patterns, we empower them to move forward with self-awareness and compassion. Healing Hearts utilizes years of counselling experience making each family member feel heard, validated, and giving each one the tools to succeed.

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Healing Hearts is working to become a nonprofit organization allowing us to serve our community in an equitable manner as we all should have access to affordable services. We are expanding to offer services such as end of life care, trauma-informed care, sustainable living, and a variety of therapies, all in a natural setting.

In addition, Founder Lisa Highfield is writing a sequel to the book she co-authored with Christen Shepherd, The Promise: Truth From the Trenches of Adoption. Broken Promises addresses the topic of Aggression Towards Family and Caregivers in Childhood and Adolescence (A.F.C.C.A.). Through interviews, research, and personal experience, this book sheds light on a topic that is often hidden in the shadows.

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