Our Services

Virtual Parent Coaching

Healing Hearts is now offering virtual parent coaching sessions via Zoom. 

During a 1-hour session, you will have an opportunity to discuss your current situation and set focused goals. 

I can support you with: 

  • Solutions and techniques to support you and your child grow together
  • Validation and understanding
  • Shift in perception or increased clarity
  • Insight into yourself
  • Learn to identify and rewire blocks
  • Gain a deeper understanding 

Lisa Highfield is a Child and Youth Worker located in London,ON. She has thirteen years working in group homes, secure custody and with the London/Middlesex Children’s Aid Society. For the past 11 years, she has been the Founder & Executive Director of Healing Hearts. 

Single session or packages of 3/6 sessions is available. 

To book your session, please visit www.healingheartsCA.as.me.

Currently scheduling on Mondays from 1-4pm. Other dates will be available upon request. Email me at lisa@healing-hearts.ca

Client Quotes:

Lisa validates us as parents, sympathizes with our challenges and offers both support and practical advice. She is a secret weapon parents can use to build a strong, healthy family.

Booking a virtual session with Lisa keeps us all in check. I am not only continuing the work I have been doing for years with her, I am also getting the support I need to best help my kids adjust to their new realities. All from the comfort of my home. Being able to connect with Lisa allows me to check in, see a familiar face, and get the support and guidance I need to navigate my new daily challenges. She is a safe, understanding and supportive sounding board where I can let it all out without judgement or guilt. Lisa provides advice and tools to help me adjust my parenting however the need – these days the need is constantly changing and what once was working for me and my children, doesn’t always cut it. After a virtual session with Lisa I feel calmer, more empowered and less edgy/anxious, which in turn helps me be a more mindful and present Mom for my kids.